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Health information

Neo-nutrition Solutions Ltd has a program where we inform our clients how to stay healthy and nutrition tips to manage various diseases and conditions by way of SMS. For more details call us on 0729 808 340

NNS Nutrition professionals

NNS is a team of accredited experienced Clinical Nutritionists who consult to individuals, as well as the health care industry, community  and corporate groups. Our experienced Clinical Nutritionists include dietitians who specialize in a number of different areas.


We carry thorough research to ensure you get the best recipe that contains healthy foods recommended by the doctor and strengthens your immune system. Our research contains the latest techniques to mine nutrition information and keep up to date on any emerging diet information.


Our Clinical Nutritionists have the skills and experience to translate scientific nutrition information into practical dietary advice. We are certified and registered with Kenya nutrition and dietetics accreditation board. We have taken all programs necessary to advice and prepare healthy food recipes.

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What we do best

Maternal, infant and young child Nutrition

Hypertensive, Ulcers, Heartburns and more

Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure

Diabetic and other Kidney related conditions

Arthritis and Physical activity advices

Central and Peripheral Nervous System Disorder

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  • Jane Muringo

    Banice is a professional Nutritionist

    I have worked with Banice Kendi at NEO Nutrition and she is a flexible lady straight to the point. She always wish people to have a positive deviation to their life. She is a great team leader with a passion to her career.


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